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Amway is one of the largest direct selling companies in the world. Established in 1959 in Ada, Michigan and currently operates in more than 100 countries and regions, with global sales of over $ 11.8 billion. America for the year 2013.

Amway is successfully operating in Europe since 1973 and today the company has an active presence in 28 European countries with more than 1,200 employees. The Amway Europe, India and South Africa led by Samir Behl, Regional President since October 2011.  The Amway Hellas, a subsidiary of Amway Corporation, was established in early 1996. Amway Hellas’ headquarters are located in the suburb of Marousi, Athens. The company also operates a Warehouse as well as an Order Placement & Pick Up Center (PUC) in Piraeus.

The Amway products are distributed through more than 3 million Amway Business Owners worldwide from whose 250.00, are in Europe.

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The Amway offers more than 450 products Beauty, wellness and home care products. The range of Amway products include nutritional supplements NUTRILITE TM brand, beauty products brand ARTISTRY TM and beautycycleTM and cleaning LOCTM products for all household uses.

All products are manufactured in proprietary research and development laboratories of the company. Seven hundred and more scientists and about 500,000 tests conducted annually guarantee quality and product safety. The Amway owns more than 1,000 patents to more than 800 are still in the approval stage.

The satisfaction guarantee, Amway enables customers to return products and get their money back within 90 days of purchase, even ‘if used. These rules go beyond the recommendations of the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations ( WFDSA ).

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The Amway offers everyone the opportunity to start their own business with the sale of Amway products. The Amway Business Owners can choose from a wide range of products and to set their own business targets, based on their individual ambitions.

The company supports the Amway Business Owners offering comprehensive training by the European Amway Academy. The Amway Academy, founded in 2009, provides professional training to 450,000 Amway Business Owners throughout Europe distance education (e-learning), online presentations, group seminars and individual classroom seminars in 22 languages ​​with more than 100 instructors. The European Amway Academy is a member of ECLF , corporate training organizations who play an important role in creating successful and educated businessmen.

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Globally, direct selling is an industry with 117.5 billion US dollars in retail sales and a potential partner in the amount of 74 million.

The Amway is a member of European organizations for businesses, such as the European Business Association (EBA), the European Federation of Direct Selling ( SELDIA ), the Federation of European Direct and Interactive Marketing (FEDMA), the European Alliance Nutrition Correct (ERNA), the American-European Union Chamber of Commerce (AmCham Eu) and the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations ( WFDSA ).

In addition, all European markets are organized into more than a hundred national associations and organizations, including associations relating to nutrition, cosmetics, chambers of commerce, marketing associations and numerous business clubs. In Greece, Amway is a member of E.S.E.A.P the first and most important Direct Selling Association in the country.


The headquarters of Amway, covering an area of ​​over 92 900 square meters and located in Ada, Michigan in the US. In installations where the head office and production facilities and 75 laboratories Research, Development and Quality Assurance, staffed by more than 900 scientists, engineers, technicians and professionals from various disciplines (chemistry, microbiology, industrial hygiene, engineering and computer science).

The company and its subsidiaries owning or managing manufacturing facilities in the United States, China and Vietnam. Also contains organically certified farms for growing ingredients in food supplements which are in the United States, Mexico and Brazil and have distribution centers in North America, Europe and Asia. The company also operates, regional business centers in Costa Rica and Poland.

In Europe, six of Experience and Promotional Centres offer information about the past, present and future of Amway. Guests can find more information on the Sales and Marketing Plan of Amway and the Amway’s product lines relating to wellness, beauty and home care. Centers of Experience and Promotion of Amway have adequate facilities to cater days promotion, host visiting groups, organize corporate events and seminars.

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